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Custom AI Solutions

Do you have a task or project you want to work on for your business but lack the knowledge and resources? We can take care of the project management, task description, and problem solving pipelines in close collaboration with you.

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AI customized for you

Smart data customization

  • Using your in-house data
  • Automation pipelines
  • Any document categorization
  • Universal information extraction
  • Deployed on-site as you see fit

Custom management

  • Get the guidance you really need
  • Actionable, realistic & transparent
  • Hands-on workshops and tutorials
  • Attractive rates

Customized AI

  • All-round streamlined automatic data management
  • State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing tools
  • close collaboration with University of Antwerp

Product customization

We have readily available products for which you can purchase a licence and use immediately, but we also offer a whole range of collaborative possibilities. We can customise our products specific to your needs, we can collaborate on a project, and we can also take care of a process that you and your company would like to see fixed or improved upon. See a product that you like but don’t know if and how it could be used for your company? We can sit together and design a perfectly customised version of the product for your company.

Extra custom features

On top of a customised product design, you can also request custom features that are not present in the current version of our products. Do you have a specific task or problem in mind for which you lack the resources to tackle with your own team? Let us join and find out how we can work together. Do you like what our AI can do for you? Let’s find out together and create a custom pipeline suiting your company’s needs.
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