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Data becomes powerful when processed productively. With an array of technologies we develop custom solutions for various fields of interest.

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We develop and implement state-of-the-art AI tools to harness the power of data. We also provide custom consults for companies and organisations to produce and improve upon solutions of high value for their specific needs.


Textgain has over 5 decades of combined experience in working with AI. Providing full transparency about its possibilities is our priority.


Our focus lies on developing Natural Language Processing tools to develop innovative techniques to process text data.


Machine Learning (ML) describes the process of a given program’s data-based learning and stands at the center of our NLP tools.


It all starts with understanding your problem and gauging if AI can help formulate a solution.

Textgain Academy

Whether you are looking for an introduction or a deep dive, Textgain academy offers conferences, training, and workshops to update you on the latest trends in the online world.


Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

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Creating impact with AI

We harness the power of data to make a genuine difference for society. Our AI solutions are ethical and secure, made with a heart for innovation, and closely moderated by our teams.

Putting AI to work

Our solutions are AI-powered and built to update, digitize, organize, and streamline your data systems automatically; offering optimized insights. We opt for state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing tools, made in close collaboration with the University of Antwerp.

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Applying AI for social good

As NGO, media, government, law enforcement, and first-line practitioners, there is plenty of work to be done at the intersection of social media, business ethics, and human rights. We bring together AI, data science and sociology to serve civil society by focusing on explainability.

How we help you make an impact

AI customized for you

Automated text-processing tools should be customizable to your specific needs. We design Natural Language Processing tools using your own in-house data, and we also ensure that they seamlessly integrate with software that you already have in place.

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