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AI that reads between the lines

We empower organizations working to make a genuine difference for society by developing trustworthy, transparent and explainable human-centered AI solutions that read and understand large amounts of texts.

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Proudly trusted by organizations across industries.

Ethical AI solutions

Texgain is a leader in innovative AI and NLP solutions. We prioritize ethical AI practices and continuous technological advancements, offering reliable solutions. We specialize in creating transparent and explainable AI systems, emphasizing user privacy and reducing algorithmic bias. Our team of linguists and data scientists develops innovative methods for handling complex data with transparency and accessibility.

AI For Good: unlocking the potential for positive impact

We use our text processing tools to assist government organizations, NGOs, and civil society. Our analysis of online conversations and user-generated content help better understand social issues and promotes online safety and inclusivity. We help combat hate speech, radicalization, and fake news while monitoring and curating input for our AI algorithms.


Custom AI Solutions: intelligent process automation

We specialize in AI-driven process automation for businesses, offering a range of solutions for data management and streamlined end-to-end processes. Our services include custom data analysis software design, a versatile text analytics API, and tailored Natural Language Processing tools utilizing your in-house data for seamless integration with your software.


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Our approach

We use data for societal impact through a three-step process: Ideate, Build, Deploy, with a strong commitment to ethical AI and innovation, closely supervised by our dedicated teams.


Our journey starts with ideation – exploring, brainstorming, and envisioning AI-driven solutions. Our team collaboratively identifies challenges and opportunities, ensuring ethical and sustainable AI solutions.

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Committed to responsible AI, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability. In the build phase, we use technical expertise to create tailored AI solutions, ensuring power, scalability, reliability, and security.

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We excel in deploying impactful AI solutions. From enhancing customer experiences to tackling global challenges, our strategies ensure maximum positive change. We collaborate closely for seamless integration into your systems, realizing the full potential of AI for good.

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We have years of experience in language technology and AI ethics research. Check out our most recent insights here!

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