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PVE2Go: AI that makes the requirement gathering process much more efficient

Collecting and elaborating project requirements is essential to any building and construction project. A proper requirement gathering process improves customer satisfaction, project success rate, and reduces cost.



Gathering requirements for building and construction projects is quite the challenge. Due to ‘the human factor’ mistakes are likely. All parties involved can miss out on requirements because the project is highly  complex or contains novel elements.

The people at the table may be unaware of some regulations, or simply forget about several along the way. It is also challenging for customers to comprehend, review and provide fast feedback to draft written requirements. All this may jeopardize a project’s success and harm the user experience later on.


We have developed a requirement gathering tool that assists experts in building and construction projects. The tool has an AI component that prompts users with suggestions of new requirements based on context and elements from previous projects. 

The tool also allows a visual overview of all requirements that enables fast feedback and helps capture detailed requirements.


An AI requirement gathering assistant that allows experts to collect requirements more efficiently. It improves customer satisfaction, and leads to more successful construction projects.