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EDMO: countering fake news and disinformation in Dutch, in Belgium

Journalists and citizens face major new challenges: fake news and disinformation, along with information saturation on the internet, cause the trust in legacy journalism to decline. Research on fact-checking and disinformation has largely neglected the Dutch and Belgian context.



With a focus on Dutch and the Belgian region there is a clear need for actions to effectively prevent and counter the spread of disinformation, and mitigate its impact. For Textgain this involves connecting to the largest intelligence network that exists today.


Our approach is multi-faceted. We detect and monitor emerging disinformation campaigns in Dutch-speaking regions, as well as other regions across Europe, by using tools for automated network analysis and NLP technology.

Our technological aids help fact-checkers, while we support and monitor fact-checking initiatives. We actively publish fact-checks and analyses.

With interdisciplinary academic research we promptly disclose and examine those campaigns. With help of a large network of experts and media professionals we aim to bridge the gap between experts and practitioners.

Our media literacy resources equip citizens with essential skills for fact-checking and detecting misinformation. We monitor and develop media literacy initiatives as well.

All on sustainable infrastructure.


This project is in full progress.