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Online hatred of women in the Incels.me forum – Linguistic analysis and automatic detection

Multilingual Cross-domain Perspectives on Online Hate Speech


GDPR Anonymization Tool


Dutch Word Embeddings


Arabic Dialect Identification

Automatic Detection of Online Jihadist Hate Speech

Summary Author Summary We have developed a system that automatically detects online jihadist hate speech with over 80% accuracy, by using techniques from Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. The system is trained on a corpus of 45,000 subversive Twitter … Read More

Text-Based Age and Gender Prediction for Online Safety Monitoring

Automatic detection of cyberbullying in social media text

Summary Authors Summary While social media offer great communication opportunities, they also increase the vulnerability of young people to threatening situations online. Recent studies report that cyberbullying constitutes a growing problem among youngsters. Successful prevention depends on the adequate detection … Read More