NLP products & services

How can you uncover actionable intelligence in your documents and data streams?
Discover our wide range of AI-driven services and ready to use applications.

Gain insights from unstructured data with our Text Analytics API

Extract valuable metadata from your unstructured data through our REST-API and enhance your business intelligence pipelines:

  • Text analytics API
  • Real-time, cloud-based
  • 15+ languages
  • Easily integrated

On-site data intelligence

Dealing with documents and data streams that simply cannot leave your intranet? Have our API deployed on-site:

  • Fully on-site
  • Maximum security
  • 15+ languages
  • Easily integrated

Custom data analysis

Have your custom natural language processing classifiers (NLP) developed based on your own in-house data:

  • Automation pipelines
  • Any document categorization
  • Universal information extraction
  • Deployed on-site as you see fit

NLP consultancy & training

Get real with NLP. No hype, no inflated expectations. We apply decades of academic R&D to your projects:

  • Get the guidance you really need
  • Actionable, realistic & transparent
  • Hands-on workshops and tutorials
  • Attractive rates
Besides our core services, we also developed a range of industry specific solutions together with our trusted partners.

HR personality profiling

Detailed writing style analysis for specific HR purposes. can make candidate matching and shifting through resumes much more efficient by recognizing

  • Personality traits
  • Professional attitudes
  • Soft skills
  • Co-developed with our partner Blinc Sales Institute


Moderate and code user-generated content

Efficiently moderate and code user-generated content with Content Coding and Moderation (CCM):

  • Citizen participation and ideation platforms
  • Automate help desks and customer service portals
  • AI-driven data processing
  • Innovative human-machine interactive dashboard
  • Co-developed with our partner Tree company

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